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Tucan Travel

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Take the Adventure of a Lifetime

Overland Expeditions & Independent Travel: Botswana, Kenya, Lesotho, Malawi, Namibia, Rwanda, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia

Watch a bull Elephant charge in the Okavango Delta or a lion cub play in the Masai Mara. Raft the rapids of the Zambezi or ski the sand dunes of Namibia. Tucan Travel shares your exploratory spirit, passion for adventure and desire for truly authentic and unique experiences - and is determined to give you the adventure of a lifetime.

Tucan Travel has 25 years' experience leading travellers to some of the most exciting and inspiring destinations in the world.

In Africa, Tucan Travel's overland expeditions use purpose-built Mercedes Benz expedition vehicles for those wishing to travel on a group itinerary. Those wanting a more independent experience can choose from lodge-based safari packages and city stays.

If your idea of the perfect overland adventure involves colourful landscapes, incredible wildlife encounters and meeting fascinating people, then Africa is your ideal destination. You won't have to look hard to find zebras, wildebeest and giraffes spilling across the vast grasslands of the Africa's diverse national parks.

Witness nature in all her savage glory as predators stalk their prey. See red-robed Maasai warriors herding their precious cattle across the plains. Watch incredible flocks of flamingos crowding the shores of Lake Nakuru and feel the spray of the mighty Victoria Falls on your face. Trek through lush rainforest to meet a family of mountain gorillas in Rwanda's Virunga Mountains. The cities of Africa have a lot to offer culture lovers, including cosmopolitan Cape Town with its amazing markets, wonderful museums and stunning sea views.

In East and Southern Africa, Tucan Travel's Overland Expeditions feature a mix of hotels and camping so that you can experience the outdoor element of this great continent. Travel on Tucan's own Mercedes Benz vehicles, view game from Tucan's trucks and smaller 4WDs and mini-vans. Touring in South Africa is also offered using Tucan's own vehicles and staying in hotels only.

Tucan Travel shares your exploratory spirit, passion for adventure and desire for truly authentic and unique experiences. Tucan's travellers Africa are encouraged to get out there and explore for themselves. Most travellers don't enjoy being constricted by tours that push you into shops or tell you what you have to see, so you will see the highlights as a group, do an orientation tour and have access to plenty of advice. You can do as much or as little with the group as you like and your Tour Leader will always be there to give you hand, meet up with the group for dinner and organise any excursions that are best visited as a group.

Why choose Tucan Travel

Tucan Travel has many years of experience leading travellers to some of the most exciting and inspiring destinations in the world, including Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Russia, Latin America and Antarctica.

  • Tucan Travel offers many styles of travel including touring options and independent travel.
  • Tucan Travel uses its own expedition vehicles in Africa a powerful, modern fleet of Mercedes Benz trucks, specifically designed and professionally engineered to deal with all kinds of challenging terrain.
  • Tucan Travel works with the World Land Trust to minimise our impact on the environment and local communities.
  • Tucan Travel operates its own tours, which enables very competitive prices.
  • Tucan Travel is a privately-owned company that focuses on each individual traveller as an important client.
  • Tucan Travel designs excellent value tours with no hidden costs.
  • Tucan Travel offers discounts available at any time for its travellers - including early bookings, students, over 55s, 2nd tour, past traveller and 3+ group bookings which can be combined to save 15% off all group tour prices.

Overland Expeditions

These expeditions travel on Tucan's fully equipped expedition vehicles. Africa lends itself to outdoor experiences so camping is combined with hotel stays in some cities. Expedition trucks are Mercedes Benz Actros trucks with specially-designed cabins featuring coach-style forward-facing seats, carpeted interiors, expansive tinted windows, full air suspension, charging systems, outside sound and lighting systems for camping, BBQ, refrigerators and more

Independent Travel

Independent travel is for travellers who want the flexibility and freedom to design their own individual itinerary using our range of hotels, excursions and guided tours.

  • Build your own or choose from one of our predesigned stopover packages including transfers, hotels and excursions for major gateway cities in East and Southern Africa.
  • African lodge safaris choose from our range of safaris in East and Southern Africa for a more intimate experience, family holiday or honeymoon.

Overland Expeditions

  • Grand Africa - 73 days
  • African Trek - 64 days
  • African Dreams - 58 days
  • Cape to Gorillas - 54 days
  • Classic Africa - 53 days
  • Beautiful Africa - 53 days
  • African Magic - 49 days
  • Zanzibar to Johannesburg - 44 days
  • Kruger to Gorillas - 44 days
  • South African Loop - 39 days
  • Cape to Kenya - 39 days
  • Nairobi to Cape - 38 days
  • North to Zanzibar - 34 days
  • Gorillas to Falls - 34 days
  • Zanzibar to Cape - 33 days
  • Vic Falls to Johannesburg - 30 days
  • Kruger to Nairobi - 29 days
  • Gorillas & Zanzibar - 26 days
  • Kruger to Zanzibar - 24 days
  • South Africa to Vic Falls - 20 days
  • Nairobi to Vic Falls - 19 days
  • Vic Falls to Cape -19 days
  • Gorillas & Game - 16 days
  • Zanzibar to Vic Falls - 14 days
  • Serengeti & Zanzibar - 11 days
  • Garden Route - 11 days
  • Kruger to Vic Falls - 10 days

Independent Travel

  • Africa Hotels & Transfers
  • Kenya, South Africa, Tanzania, Rwanda & Zambia

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